eco village north wales – forming group

Drawing on inspirations such as the Centre of Alternative Technology in Machynlleth, Lammas ecovillage in Pembrokeshire, Eden Project in Cornwall, Findhorn ecovillage in Scotland, Cloughjordan ecovillage in Ireland, and Tamera Peace Rearch Centre in Portugal, and similar projects.

This project aims to co-create a living and working environment that works to live in symbiosis with the natural environment, and eachother.

We aim to build sustainable buildings for our homes and workplaces, that blend into the natural surrounding area, and plant woodland around the sustainable buildings to assist with this. We aim to explore eco-technologies, that can be used for ourselves, and wider communties as a whole.

We plan to work towards regenerating land that has been degraded, to increase biodiversity as well as land for local and wider communities to walk, cycle, run, and grow food in.

We aim to provide affordable home and workplaces for those from a variety of work backgrounds who wish to live more sustainably, and live in the natural environment with the support of a community.

We aim to research and explore, ways we can live peacefully with eachother.

We aim to work inter-dependently with local individuals and buisness to provide employment, affordable housing, and other valuable resources, such as a community centre, arts studio and centre- providing support to our talented local artists, music studio and rehearsal space to nurture music talent, workshop space for inventors, eco-technology designers, space for individuals and groups to grow food. A community education and learning centre to provide learning opportunities for children and adults.

We aim to work with the Welsh Assembly’s ‘One Planet Development’, providing an example way of how we can live sustainably.

more information is on the submenus to the site, and also on the documents of the ‘eco village wales’ facebook group. and we can also be contacted through

31 thoughts on “eco village north wales – forming group

  1. We are a family based in North Wales, who would like to form a co-operative farm with others.

    Looking for families or individuals interested in joining us in purchasing a smallholding in the LL53 area (Llyn Peninsula, Gwynedd County).

    We are at the drawingboard phase of things. We have a particular property in mind, but have not yet applied for planning permission to build dwellings or create the campsite.

    Land would be purchased in the framework of a co-operative. Each party will put up an equal share of the purchase price, or going the bank route, an equal share of the downpayment and monthly mortgage payment. There will be a campsite on the smallholding, which will provide some employment for co-op members. The campsite will be owned and managed collectively, although those who invest cash will recieve a fair dividend from the annual profits of the business, in additin to wages for whatever work they may have done.

    Each member of the co-operative is to have their own dwelling and garden space, and retain full creative freedom and full financial responsibility for managing their own homes. Other assests of the farm (fields, outbuildings, woodland, etc) will be managed by common consent.

    Members may conduct private agricultural or business enterprises using farm resources, as approved by all in the group, simply by “hiring” the facilities they wish to use. For example, those who wish to keep chickens as a private enterprise may hire the henhouse from the co-op for their private use.

    Some focus values for the co-operative are: child and family friendly, sustainable/low carbon homes, renewable energy, self-sufficiency, economic freedom (work from home, low or no energy bills, no mortgage, homegrown food…).

    • Hi, I’m looking to move ‘south’ from Scotland, hopefully Wales or southwest and am very much interested in building my own small ecohome within a cohousing group or landbased community. I have plenty of experience running a smallholding and gardening, though now retired on health grounds…Could you keep me in the loop, please?

      • Hi
        I too am interested but also want to purchase my own ecohome, something I can pass on to the children yet not be isolated, please advise

    • Hi
      I would very much like to be a part of this and if possible could you please keep me posted of progress. I would have loved to have attended the meeting on 12th May but my child will still be in school then and its a Monday so Hopefully I will get to attend something later on in the year

    • Hi Jones Bach. Just wondering if your plans for the smallholding on the LLyn worked out. I’m live very nearby and am interested in finding out more.
      Thanks, Lesley.

    • I would be very interested in knowing more about your plans of creating a co-operative farm in the Llyn Peninsula. Please add me to the mailing list. Thanks.

    • Looks like this post was from some time ago but I’d be really interested in knowing how you got on and what your current plans are. I’m currently looking for land, just for myself to start a small camping business, while working the land practicing self-sufficiency. But I would also be interested in joining a community or at least working along side like minded people.

    • We live in wrexham and are really interested in working with others to set up a community- anybody on this thread still interested in this?

      • Dear Amaneh
        I’ve been following your journey for some years and am very interested
        I’m living in London at present after last 4 years on The Wirral caring for my.elderly mum, now deceased
        I’m in contact with Frank from the vegan, money-less eco project near Corwyn of which I have a special interest being a vegan and a socialist at heart
        I’m not sure if I’m in a position to invest or settle permanently at the moment however am happy to contribute in some way
        If you can please keep me on your mailing list – email or phone is fine – if you fancy a chat for more details let’s call and discuss more
        I’m nearly 60, single, male, retired last 10 years, very keen to live in an alternative simple way sharing and learning, ex social worker and an open mind to life
        Please keep in touch – it would be nice to have a chat
        Many Thanks
        Best Wishes
        Kenneth Hawes
        Flat 14
        6 Hester Road
        0786 0666 719

    • Hi,im very interested in this living..I live just by porthmadog, and was wondering if you could give me some information if possible please.

  2. Hello There

    I would be interested to hear more details, please keep me on your mailing list,

    Many Thanks

    Best Wishes

  3. Hi, im interested in working and living with you. Can i please be added to your mailing list. How do i get in touch? All the best. Josh

  4. Hi,
    im interested in working and living with you. Can i please be added to your mailing list. How do i get in touch? All the best. Josh

    • hi 🙂 sorry, haven’t had time to keep site updated recently (hopefully will do in the future)… can e-mail me (katie) on to keep in touch, and to be added to a mailing list.
      the ecovillage uk yahoo group is another mailing list maybe worth being added to.
      our next general open meeting is 16th feb in the peoples market, wrexham.

  5. I am very interested in this project and would like more information on how far you have come so far, any area pictures of the site your looking at, my wife has 2 horses and we grow a lot of our own produce. I have my CPCS card for diggers and dumpers so can do a lot of the earth works and pipe systems.

    More information would be greatly received

  6. hi we’re looking to join an eco project around north wales we have colatral and if your looking for people to join you we would be very interested in talking with you. we are a family of 5 and we’re looking at keeping chickens , ducks and growing friut and other trees. we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks scott and stephanie mitchell

  7. Hi, I am looking at selling up here and finding an eco project/village to live, can I please be added to your email list.

  8. hi, great to hear from you 🙂 can anyone interested please give me an e-mail, on with the word ‘ecovillage’ in the title, to make sure i find it,
    we currently finding land, and working out terms of membership etc.
    the core group is already formed, but there may be some openings if you’d like to come along to a meeting in wrecsam.

  9. Hi
    I too would be ingterested in joining. I breed small dogs so would hope to continue to do that but am looking to move to North Wales in the near future with my young son. Jean

  10. Hi everyone
    there seems to be a lot going on here and loads of ideas being generated. I live in North Wales – but often work away ….as i am at present; however my partner and I have recently been down to lammas to understand the planning requirements for a OPD … and apart from having a great time and meeting some wonderful like-minded folk we are now seriously looking for ways to make our dreams a reality. If anyone is interested in talking further please do get in touch ….
    with warm best wishes


    • Hi, I’m heading on a course to learn how to build an earthship in October. Hoping this will give me skills in self sufficient building practices. Anyway I am interested in joining so long as I can keep working to realistically afford to do this. Don’t know how much something like this would cost. My partners pretty handy and we’re both keen to get stuck in. This is something we’ve been considering for a while. It would be good to see something happening…


  11. Hi. I am interested in joining too. My name is Alys and I’m in my 30s. Have lived in North Wales for 7 years now but fed up of renting poor housing in overcrowded towns and want to try a rural way of life. I have some experience with horses and growing food, childcare and administration. I’m currently training to become a bookkeeper. I have lived on a farm already but it was run by a guy who exploited everyone. I want to live in a cooperative like Lammas or Brithdir Mawr but they are too far to relocate to. Please can you add me to your mailing list for any developments planned for North Wales thanks.

  12. I am very interested in this project. I would love to get involved in an ecovillage and buy land as part of an initiative like this. I’m a qualified teacher and specifically would love to teach sustainability. Please can you keep me up to date with any developments and discussions.

  13. Apologies Amaneh
    My previous message was for the organisers not yourself personally, I’m not very good with IT, please excuse me
    Kenneth Hawes

  14. Hi, thanks everyone for the comments!

    There are regular events happening each month on Mondays if anyone would like to join, learn and meet others. usually has them listed, as does the facebook group ‘eco village wales – pentref eco cymru’ and the page ‘incredible edible wrecsam’

    Also there is our volunteer project ‘Incredible Edible Wrecsam’ if you’d like to volunteer on community projects before living on land.

    And lots of amazing projects happening in Wales that we hope to showcase over the coming months.

    If anyone would like to volunteer support admin on this site, that would be great too.

    From Katherine (admin)

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